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St Foy
(City of Quebec)

Listing: GRA112
Type: Condo
Address: 2905 Grand Voyer
City of Quebec, G1W 0C8

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Near the Parc technologique du Qubec mtropolitain

Rooms: Bedrooms : 2   /   Bathrooms : 1   /   Powder Rooms : 0
Square Footage: 1000.00 sq. ft.
Characteristics: Garage : 1
Interior parking
Parking Notes : 1 Heated
Inclusions: Furnished & Equipped Smart TV Wifi Internet Phone (Local calling only) Air Conditioning DVD Player Bed Linens And Towels Laundry (in unit)
Amenities: Office Space Housekeeping

Agent Information

Name: Luis Martinez Garcia
Telephone: (514) 868-8822 x300
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2 Bedrooms